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Tuta absoluta - Tomato Leaf Miner

Tuta absoluta - Tomato Leaf Miner
Tuta absoluta - Tomato Leaf Miner
Product Description
Tuta Absoluta-Tomato Leaf Miner is a devastating pest of tomato.The Larva feeds voraciously upon tomato plants, producing large galleries in leaves, burrowing in stalks, and consuming apical buds and green and ripe fruits. It is capable of causing a yield loss of 100%. This lives on and in the leaves, stems and flowers of plants in the Solanaceae family and also in the fruit of tomatoes. Tuta Absoluta-Tomato Leaf Miner is an important vegetable crop for income and nutrition of small-holder farmers in India. 

Product NameTuta absoluta Pheromone Lure
Mode of ActionAttractant Pheromone
Active Ingredient3E, 8Z, 11Z -Tetradecatrienyl Acetate & 3E, 8Z-Tetradecadienyl acetate
Dosage0.5 to 0.8 mg per dispenser / lure
Product DescriptionMet pet pouch containing 3E,  8Z, 11Z – Tetradecatrienyl Acetate & 3E, 8Z Tetradecadienyl acetate pheromone blend loaded in silicon rubber septa
Active LifeUp to 30-45 days depending on climatic conditions.
Shelf Life2 years if stored according to the standard protocol.
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