Helicoverpa armigera - Cotton Bollworm

Helicoverpa armigera - Cotton Bollworm
Helicoverpa armigera - Cotton Bollworm
Product Description
Helicoverpaarmigera - Cotton Bollworm are the invasive pests, which destroys the bolls as well as rounded seed capsule. They can kill the cream-colored moth. This is susceptible to several insect pests. Irrespective of the pest, Helicoverpaarmigera - Cotton Bollworm is useful for the insect pest management. This is suited for the production of the cotton crop. Larvae of this is highly polyphagous and is suited for feeding different crops such as cotton, soybeans, sorghum, tomato, sunflowers and others. 

Product NameHelicoverpa armigera Pheromone Lure
Mode of ActionAttractant pheromone
Active IngredientZ-11-Hexadecenal, Z-9-Hexadecenal
Dosage3 mg per dispenser / lure
Product DescriptionMet pet pouch containing Z-11-Hexadecenal & Z-9-Hexadecenal blend loaded in Silicon rubber septa
Active LifeUp to 30-45 days depending on climatic conditions.
Shelf Life2 years if stored according to the standard protocol.
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